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All Things New Speer Family!

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The debut CD project from the New Speer Family features songs made famous by the original Singing Speer Family. Brought up to date musically, the songs retain the powerful lyrics and emotion that made them favorites down through the years. CD includes: Heaven's Jubilee, Sunset Is Coming, I Feel It In My Soul, I'm Building A Bridge, He Is Mine and I Am His, Old Gospel Ship, Sweeter Each Day, Hallelujah Chorus, The King Is Coming, My Home Sweet Home, Won't We Be Happy. Released 2018. $15.00


Soundtracks from New Speer Family are for live use only. Recording is not permitted without a master use license. Call 859.238.7505 for more information.

"He Is Mine And I Am His" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"Heaven's Jubilee" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"I Feel It In My Soul" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"I Never Shall Forget The Day" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"I'm Building A Bridge" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"My Home Sweet Home" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"Old Gospel Ship" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"Sunset Is Coming But The Sunrise We'll See" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"Sweeter Each Day" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"The Hallelujah Chorus" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

"The King Is Coming" Soundtrack from "A Singing Heritage"

Speer Family History

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The Speer Family is easily considered one of the most famous families of performers in Southern Gospel music. This release from the Gaither Gospel Series is an audio documentary of their careers, where they've been, and what they've meant to us all.

CD Includes:
Didn't It Rain, I Believe , Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus, Hide Me Rock Of Ages, O The Glory Did Roll, I Can Call Jesus Anytime, Dig A Little Deeper In God's Love, Suppertime, Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All, I Need No Mansion Here, Some Glad Day, Hide Thou Me, God's Love, Heavenly Love, I Saw A Man, Climbing Up The Mountain, Just Take It To Jesus, I Was There When It Happened, Let Me Be Worthy, Surely I Will, Lord, He Cared That Much For Me, I Will Follow Thee. $12.00
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The story of The Speer Family is a love story that began 75 years ago when a young man named Tom Speer met a young lady named Lena Brock at an all-day singing convention. It is a rare thing these days to see a real love story that spans so many years. It is rarer still to see a couple who lived with integrity, loved God supremely and raised a family to love each other and serve the Lord.

DVD Includes: Old Gospel Ship, Heaven's Jubilee. I've Been To Calvary, I Never Shall Forget The Day, Singing School, It's Just Like Heaven, Standing By The River, Since Jesus Passed By, Near The Cross, If That Isn't Love, Child Of The King, I Was There W hen It Happened, Have You Heard The Good News?, Get On The Happy Side Of Living, Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All, The Family Of God, The Big Boss, My Home, Lord I'm Ready Now To Go, Climbing Up The Mountain, Unworthy, The King Is Coming, Won't We Be Happy, Come Away My Love, How Beautiful Heaven Must Be. $15.00

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